3 Reasons to Try Chloroprene Gloves

Chloroprene is a synthetic rubber designed to provide the strength and comfort of natural latex along with the broad chemical resistance of nitrile. Chloroprene is one of the most comfortable, strong and durable, dextrous gloves.

Technically speaking, Chloroprene is a synthetic monomer, a precursor to polychloroprene used in manufacturing of disposable gloves.

3 Reasons to Try Chloroprene

1.  Strong and Durable

Chloroprene has a tensile strength rating of 10 Mpa before aging, and retains that same strength after aging. Elongation after aging is 650% verses 750% before. What does this mean? The glove wont tear under extended wear, and it conforms to the fit of your hand.

2.  Chloroprene is Comfortable

A 6.0 mil thick chloroprene glove is more comfortable than an equally thick latex glove. And, you wont compromise dexterity..

3.  Chemical Resistance

Chloroprene has exceptional chemical resistance.

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