What is a DC300N95 Mask?
The DC300N95 Honeywell North® (formerly Sperian) N95 Respirator is a NIOSH-Approved N95 Respirator Mask for Airborne Particulate. Provides 95% filter efficiency against solid and liquid particulates in the air. This includes work-related irritants like dust, sawdust and airborne allergens. Lightweight, easy-to-wear and disposable, N95 masks features a latex-free filter media for lower breathing resistance. The breathing mask's filter media is designed to resist humidity for comfortable performance in most environments. The two-strap construction allows for quick donning, while the adjustable nose bridge means one size will fit most faces. This face mask is an N class respirator that is NIOSH approved for use with solid and liquid particulates, excluding oils.

NIOSH-Approved N95 Protection for home & work applications

95% filter efficiency against solid and liquid particulates, excluding oils

Lightweight, easy-to-wear and disposable

Molded cup design

Found on the CDC Website's Approved N95 Respirator List

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