Who invented gowns?

The original hospital gown was designed around 100 years ago for use on patients admitted the night before surgery, who were sedated prior to transfer to the anesthetic room whilst half asleep. However, if you’re hoping to find out who invented the hospital gown, unfortunately it’s not known who actually originally invented the gown.

Original hospital gowns had a very simple design, with an open back. Now this design is hated by many – patients and practitioners alike. The humiliation of wearing a hospital gown with a “draughty back” adds unnecessary anxiety for patients who are already nervous about upcoming medical procedures.

Modern hospital gowns have been designed to provide more dignity for patients and to ease the anxiety of an already difficult situation. This is not a new problem however. Ten years ago, we collaborated with TrusTech between 2010-2012 to develop a dignity hospital gown. Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust were early adopters of this new gown. Read more about their input and findings.

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