why you need Green Nitrile gloves

60% More Surface Area

Our new glove ranges in thickness from 8-9mil, with the barrier protection of a thicker glove and the dexterity of a thinner glove. Gloveworks HD Green Nitrile provides high visibility and superior durability with a raised diamond texture for an excellent grip, wet or dry. Better performance, better protection, better safety.

Over 3000 Raised Diamonds Per Glove

Gloveworks Heavy Duty Green Nitrile gloves feature a raised diamond texture for incredible grip. The diamond-texture allows more liquid to pass through the channels, enabling greater surface area. Over 3000 raised diamonds per glove, doubling surface area: a 1mm x 1mm piece has 2mm x 2mm total surface area.

Extra Thick For Extended Duration

Gloveworks HD Green Nitrile provides excellent barrier protection from common chemicals, like pesticides and specialty chemicals such as iodine, brake fluid or butane. It is also powder free for working with adhesives or wet paint so that no residue from your gloves can get in the way of a perfect finish. Go for green nitrile and give your customers Gloveworks HD Green, a premium heavy-duty glove that provides the toughest protection for demanding industrial applications.

Green nitrile glovesNitrile gloves

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