20 Ways to Use All Purpose Cleaner

an all purpose cleaner is a cleaner that is gentle enough that it doesn’t damage surfaces, but effective enough that it removes stains, dirt, and grease.

  1.  General purpose spray & wipe
  2.  Hand cleaner to remove grease and oil
  3.  Prewash spray for grease and oil stains
  4.  Washing floors
  5.  Cleaning paintwork
  6.  Cleaning windows
  7.  Pre-soaker for oily, greasy overalls
  8.  Cleaning baths/basins
  9.  Removing finger prints from fridges and microwaves
  10.  Cleaning the range hood
  11.  Stripping wallpaper
  12.  Degreasing driveways
  13.  Cleaning waste bins
  14.  Removing soap film from tiles and screens
  15.  Degreases engines at a diluton of 50/50
  16. Add 10ml to a hot wash when washing dirty overalls and work clothes
  17.  Removes shoe polish smears from carpet and hard surfaces
  18.  Cleans smoke stains from walls, chimneys and flues
  19.  Washing pet bedding and blankets
  20.  Cleaning whiteboards




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