Are the variants more likely to cause infection, disease and death in people who are already vaccinated?

We are still learning about the ways that variants impact vaccination.

The data we currently have available show us that COVID-19 vaccines are still very effective at preventing serious illness and death against all of the current variants of concern. It is important to note that the vaccines provide different levels of protection from infection, mild disease, severe disease, hospitalization and death.

No vaccine is 100% effective. Even though COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective at protecting you against serious illness and death, some people will still get ill from COVID-19 after vaccination. You could also pass the virus on to others who are not vaccinated. This makes it very important to continue to practice protective measures, even after you have been fully vaccinated.

It is more important than ever to get vaccinated as soon as it is your turn and continue to practice protective measures after vaccination.




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