How are antiseptics used?

Antiseptics have a variety of uses both in and out of medical settings. In both settings, they’re applied to either the skin or mucous membranes.

Specific antiseptic uses include:

  • Hand washing. Medical professionals use antiseptics for hand scrubs and rubs in hospitals.
  • Disinfecting mucous membranes. Antiseptics can be applied to the urethra, bladder, or vagina to clean the area before inserting a catheter. They can also help to treat an infection in these areas.
  • Cleaning skin before an operation. Antiseptics are applied to the skin before any kind of surgery to protect against any harmful microorganisms that might be on the skin.
  • Treating skin infections. You can buy OTC antiseptics to reduce the risk of infection in minor cuts, burns, and wounds. Examples include hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol.
  • Treating throat and mouth infections. Some throat lozenges contain antiseptics to help with sore throats due to a bacterial infection. You can purchase these on Top Tier Safety Supplies.

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