New Vaccine to Fight Polio

Scientists have created a new polio vaccine that may help wipe out the disease altogether.

A research study has shown that the new vaccine already produces better results at protecting children than the common polio vaccine. It has already been tested in Afghanistan, India and Nigeria.

Polio is an infectious disease which can deform bodies and paralyze children. It mostly hits children under the age of 5 and can spread quickly in overcrowded areas with poor sanitation. There is no cure for polio. Polio is especially hard to combat because about 90% of those infected have no symptoms at all. The disease was first discovered in 1840. Throughout the 19th century and the first half of the twentieth century polio was the most widespread disease among children.

After mass vaccination programs started in the 1950s polio vanished in developed countries but it has all but disappeared in poor countries of Asia and Africa.

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