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Top Tier safety supplies was found during Covid-19 Pandemic in March of 2020 and based in Toronto, Canada. We are a direct link for retailers, businesses and people to find all their Safety Supplies under one roof. With a long and rich history in the logistics and warehousing industry. We made a strong pivot into the PPE industry and be a source for innovation and strength during these uncertain times. Top tier safety Supplies is a medical supply company that is rapidly growing over the months through vitality, attention to detail and providing quality medical supplies. We've worked with multiple companies and countries to supply large amounts of medical supply orders during these difficult times. We've since expanded to offer products for all different customers. We now provide over 20,000 products online for the everyday customer.

Our mission is to help all consumers get quality personal protective equipment at an affordable rate from anywhere in the world. That's why Top Tier Safety Supplies has continued to offer the best prices, top brands and lots of product choices. From nitrile gloves to gowns to hand sanitizer, we got all your needs covered.

Our goal is to help you and provide medical and health supplies to you at a competitive price. We add value by being a multi-million dollar company that delivered over 1.8 Billion PPE products who's goal and vision is to expand more and more and be the leading company for all your medical needs.